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New Patients

Getting To Know You

Upon visiting the clinic for the first time, I request that you fill out some paperwork, before I complete a detailed consultation and exam. If any additional tests are need this is discussed. If appropriate, treatment will then be performed. No doctor can get a patient recover,  I will serve as the guide to your body’s recovery. Fifty percent is my responsibility and I will need fifty percent from you- so please ask questions, listen to my advice and recommendations and do your best to follow them. Active engagement is essential to your recovery!

I use a multidisciplinary approach. In the clinic, we have physical therapists, massage therapists, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, and Nutrition all on site.

I believe strongly in the team approach to comprehensively address a patient’s needs for their specific problem(s).

Treatments I Use

I use a number of highly-effective adjusting approaches to help improve spinal biomechanics and reduce nervous system interference. The approach I use is based on my clinical judgment and years of experience.

The primary treatment techniques used include:


Dr. Gerry Nastasia, DC, FACO
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